Our Mission

The George E. Archer Foundation strives to fulfill its mission to “help boys and girls learn about gardening” in our community in South Central Indiana. - George E. Archer

There are many reasons to teach children to garden, and the list continues to grow as new research emerges from around the country. Whether it’s fighting the growing trend of childhood obesity, teaching children to make better food choices, creating a more sustainable environment or reconnecting today’s tech-obsessed youth with the nature that surrounds them, it’s time to get kids back in the dirt.

What We Do

The George E. Archer Foundation and its partners provide grants that support gardening education initiatives for K-8 youth. That might include supplies for a new school garden, curriculum to support a Junior Master Gardener program or startup funds for a children’s garden to support a food bank. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to providing grants, the Foundation will further its impact by:

  • publishing program results and information via our website
  • continuing to build partnerships that provide support and resources for anyone interested in teaching kids to garden
  • growing a strong community network of gardening enthusiasts and advocates
  • evaluating grantee and partner feedback to improve the services we provide and best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

We encourage you to visit our Grants section to learn more about how we support youth gardening education in South Central Indiana.