The George E. Archer Foundation was established to serve public interests. We acknowledge that certain obligations follow from that responsibility, and we therefore subscribe to a set of values, principles and practices.

We pledge that within the limits of our charter, we

  • strive for fairness in a competitive process and deal respectfully with applicants seeking information about our programs
  • make readily available basic information about our programs, funding priorities and application requirements
  • respect confidentiality and use discretion in communicating with others about specific organizations and individuals
  • are thoughtful and purposeful in our grantmaking and periodically review and evaluate our mission, priorities, policies, and practices
  • look to our constituents to educate us on issues and solutions
  • recognize the increasing cultural diversity of the communities we serve and seek to reflect this diversity in our grantmaking and in our organization
  • adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and maintain an appropriate conflict of interest policy for board members
  • fulfill our fiduciary and legal responsibilities.