We are aware that gardening education takes many forms – from the classroom to the farmer’s market, from ornamentals to food production – and we support this diversity through various types of grants.

We support a variety of gardening education areas:

  • Curriculum Integration (public, private and home school, K-12)
  • Nutrition and Health (growing and eating healthy food)
  • Environmental Awareness (organic and sustainable gardening methods)
  • Social Development (leadership skills, team building, etc.)
  • Emotional and Behavioral Development (serving children with disabilities, horticulture therapy, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Service Learning (children supporting community needs)
  • Vocational Training (future gardening professionals)
  • Innovation (new ways of teaching children about gardening utilizing technology)
  • Educator training (K-12).

We do not provide subvention for staff salaries.

We encourage you to learn more about how we support youth gardening education in South Central Indiana.


Types of Grants

The George E. Archer Foundation awards a variety of grants in three categories:

Basic Grants: Our most common grants; awarded on an ongoing basis; $250 - $1,000

Discretionary Grants: Require a Letter of Inquiry prior to submitting a Grant Application; considered on a rolling basis; maximum award is $5000

Specialized Grants: Initiated by the Foundation’s Grants Committee to fulfill specific Foundation objectives; not open to public solicitation, but results will be published