The George E. Archer Foundation, Inc. (formerly the Hilltop Educational Foundation) was established in 1984 to support children’s gardening through advocacy, fundraising and volunteer effort.

In 2008, the Foundation received a major gift from the estate of the late George E. Archer. Mr. Archer, who died at 100 years of age, worked as a farmer and factory worker and, in later years, as a yardman. He never married and lived very modestly. His gift was intended, in his own words, "to help boys and girls learn about gardening." In 2010, the Foundation changed its name to honor Mr. Archer and adopted that language as our mission statement.

As community interest in youth gardening and its benefits continues to grow, we hope to expand outreach efforts to meet these needs and serve a wider audience of children. Our intention is to support a variety of initiatives that are consistent with our mission – school gardens, workshops for educators, gardening camps and collaborations with other youth-serving organizations.