Dear Friends,


As we move toward a more sustainable future, particularly for our children, the George E. Archer Foundation is proud to be part of that movement.


The George E. Archer Foundation supports children’s garden and education programs in schools,and other organizations serving youth. Our service area is eight counties: Brown, Greene, Jackson, Lawrence, Martin, Monroe and Owen.


Recent recipients of awarded grant money:


  • Monroe County Parks and Recreation South Central Community Action Program Bloomington Community Orchard
  • Hoosier Hills Food Bank
  • Cummins Child Development Center
  • Lincoln Green Thumbs
  • Wonderlab
  • Headstart
  • Child’s School

Basic grants are $1000.00. For larger requests, the George E. Archer Foundation requires a letter of intent before submitting a grant application.


Happily, there are now many groups across the country with initiatives focused on children’s garden programs. Alice Waters, who began a schoolyard gardens program in Berkeley, California, and visited Bloomington in 2017 said, “Schools should have gardens for their kids to be part of, and to see the progression of growing things”.


Again, we are proud of our involvement in the “greening of young thumbs”, and welcome your application.


Beth Hollingsworth
President, George E. Archer Foundation Board of Directors